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Twistor by John Cramer

Young physicist David Harrison discovers the twistor effect, an astounding breakthrough in experimental physics that puts alternate physical universes within reach of human exploration.

The plot thickens when some hired thugs are sent by a corporate espionage agent to steal David's experimental device. As David is about to send the whole shebang, including a big chunk of his lab, into another universe and out of reach of the thieves, he finds the two young children of one of his colleagues have hidden in his lab to surprise him. In a split second, David decides, and he and the children pass together through the twistor field into another world, leaving the bewildered thugs behind.

Stranded on another Earth not quite like ours, David must use his basic knowledge to become a Robinson Crusoe in this new place, to save himself and the children, and to find a way back home. (1989)



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